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American Rangers Protection & Private Security in Los Angeles

If you are residing anywhere in or around California and in the need of protection and security, then you might consider the most capable security service provider in town – The American Rangers Protective & Private Security. We are a Standalone Company registered to California Private Patrol Operator (License No: 18045), providing the best security services to people residing or working in Los Angeles or Los Angeles County, and in Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Santa Monica. We offer security guards, officers and security personnel for safeguarding a number of firms that include:

  • Construction sites for commercial projects
  • Private or government buildings and complexes
  • Manufacturing Plants and Industries
  • Offices and Utility Service Yards
  • Business Parks
  • Schools, colleges and institutions
  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Retail shops
  • Distributor centres
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Vehicle dealerships and outlets
  • Churches and other religious places
  • Children parks and public centres

In addition to safeguarding such properties we also employ personal body guards for providing executive protection. Our security measures and trainings enable our guards and personnel to maintain a low-profile, thus, helping you to prevent speculations or questions regarding appointment of personal guards. So, no matter what adverse situation you face or how impending your life-threat may seem to be, we will protect you by any means possible. That’s our level of confidence in the guards we employ.

The best thing about choosing American Rangers Protective & Private Security is that all guards and security officers working under us have been properly scrutinized, their past jobs and records have been minutely studied and finally, they have been exposed to several security trainings and eligibility tests before offering them their respective jobs. All security personnel associated with our company are top notch security protection personel.

Private Security Staff company in Los Angeles

We provide extra security when it comes to protecting institutions like schools, colleges or hospitals as these places do not have proper security measures due to lack of in-house fire arms and, thus, are extremely vulnerable to attacks. In order to prevent damage caused by such attacks, we implement several precautionary measures that enable us to gain an upper hand while dealing with the attackers.

Places like parks and churches are the most difficult to protect as they are open to all and do not have proper security measures to keep a check on intruders. The experiences and instant reflexes of our security guards rule out any possibility of an attack in its very initial stage.

So, if you are looking for Security Services in California and cannot decide which one to suit your cause the best, feel free to contact our security supervisors at 213-335-8006 . They are available 24X7 hours a week and will guide through the best possible solution to your problem. To ease your task of proper communication, they are fluent in both English and Spanish. Cast aside all your worries regarding security and appoint us to take care of them on your behalf.

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